November proves to be the month that you meet your challenges head on and can overcome any obstacles in your way. There is nothing you can’t put your mind to, finding solutions is your specialty, and if you want to be, you can be top dog, as you have the leadership skills to be triumphant. Others are relying on you to be responsible and as you always are, you can rest assured when the chips are down, you will be there, and that’s why they rely on you, so remember to relax when you can and most of all, have some fun. Love will be all around you Aquarius, wherever you turn, your good deeds from the past are coming back to show you how valuable you are, and just how special your beautiful thoughts and actions are, you have made such a difference to others. There is a life partner alert, so take yourself seriously and manifest your love life the way you’ve dreamt it to be, emotionally you have a heart with so much love to give, and in return you can experience the love of someone who loves you truly. Wear white for luck in love and a moonstone crystal will heighten romantic moments.
Lucky Colour – White
Lucky Crystal – Moonstone

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