♒️ Aquarius
Focusing on where you are going now is an important subject to explore for the Aquarian, although life can sometimes be confusing it can also be most memorable and rewarding. The heavens above want to grant you a wish and so you will find the influences around you will prove to be very favorable and extremely helpful with what you want to achieve. The emphasis is on finding the right path so you can find fulfilment and purpose in your career, don’t be afraid to take on the future with a courageous heart and have a positive outlook, as in the end your influence will be felt far and wide. You are smarter than you think and far more capable than most, use that knowledgeable self and show others what you are made of, you and they will not be disappointed. Being confident about your love life also brings you unexpected rewards, knowing what you want really helps your intended to give you what you need and make you happy. You are the centre of attention, whether you like it or not, it is no time for seclusion, so make the most of the long summer days spending time with your loved ones, enjoying as many outdoor pursuits as possible to create the experiences and memories you’ve been dreaming of during the long winter lockdown. Your lovely sense of humor can change everything and is wanted and needed by others who may not have your positive outlook on life, sharing your kind, thoughtful self, will help others immensely. If you are thinking of going into the performing arts industry you would be amazing, just step out of your comfort zone and the rewards will be great.
Lucky Colour – Sky Blue
Lucky Crystal – Blue Lace Agate

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