March kick starts a new chapter for you, as we have now entered the year of the dragon, the treasure she guards has your name on it, dragon energy can help you to amass your wealth and helps you to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Look after and protect your dreams, you have the capacity to command and can transform your world with all the wonderful things you want to do, only you know the secret formula for success so it is important you can trust yourself, and trust how clever you are, as you have a lot to do but it is going to be so worth it!. Love has a meaning and if you search your heart for what you really want, you can tell if it is really love, or just an attraction, the future is all about the choices you make now, plus you can’t underestimate the role of destiny, it can play a big part in your love life. Wear purple for luck and get an amethyst crystal to bring peace of mind and enhance your love life, it helps to set your intentions for your dreams to come true.
Lucky Colour – Purple
Lucky Crystal  – Amethyst

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