♋️ Cancer
Your higher self is calling you to act for your highest good, this creates balance in your lifestyle and includes a lot more nourishment for the soul, this can only benefit and strengthen you, as you can enjoy and truly love and appreciate yourself. You came here for a reason and all of your life lessons are designed to help you discover your purpose and meaning, after all the emotional crab is designed to feel everything, making you an excellent compassionate person, and a fairy godmother that helps those in need. This summer is all about getting what ‘You’ wish for, whether material benefits and physical luxury are on your mind, or having that special someone who comes along and sweeps you off your feet, you are sure to benefit and feel satisfied that a long held dream is coming true. The bigger picture emerges and you can see all the wonderful elements come together like a kaleidoscope of dreams, your influence will be reaching far and wide, leaving a trail of glory in your name. It is only until we see what we have manifested that we can truly take a step back and see how far we have come, you have truly come a long way, and this summer is going to prove to be a turning point for you in your life, one that you will look back on and remember with a smile. Important connections, places, and people will keep popping up or appearing, remember everything happens for a reason and don’t underestimate anything, you never know who is going to surprise you and turn up trumps for you. One thing is for sure, the right people will stand out from the crowd and you will know 100% who is moving forward with you. Live the Dream. Make it great!
Lucky Colour – Green
Lucky Crystal – Malachite

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