Plans you are working on can benefit from any extra time you have, the magic is all in the details as everything you create is amazing because of your exquisite taste, talent, and attention to detail. Your career contains a series of surprises, you are like the sun that shines at midday lighting up the world and making it a better place, believe it, you can move mountains if you have to. Be confident in your abilities and have faith in your vision, as like all dream weavers of the water sign family, the magical component is you – you are the magic. Getting ready for a romantic rendezvous? love is in the air so you can be the best version of yourself and send any negative thoughts away. You should be looking forward to making your love life stable and feeling complete with your other half as the wheel of fortune is turning for you bringing all that you need to ensure that happens, giving you a head start, lady luck  works her magic with unexpected meetings and coincidences. Wear white for innocence and purity and a white opal crystal will bring you happiness and love.
Lucky Colour – White
Lucky Crystal – White Opal

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