Autumn breezes in and let’s you know it’s time to knuckle down and bring into actuality the ideas you have been contemplating for some time. It looks likely you are in for a period of hard, but rewarding work, all the stars align to bring your ambitious plans to a conclusion, putting you in a much stronger position in your career. Being presented with the great opportunities that come your way, you can capitalise on your skills and talents and forge ahead confidently with all of that knowledge you acquired along the way. If only love was as plain sailing, being a fire sign brings passionate feelings to the surface very quickly and can ignite a burning love that takes you by surprise, so for all those that haven’t been able to find a perfect partner or are in limbo, don’t be surprised if it happens suddenly and surprisingly, settling down now will bring happiness and stability. Wear red for luck and passionate pursuits and a jasper crystal will enhance your power to attract!
Lucky Colour – Red
Lucky Crystal – Jasper

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