♈️ Aries

You always bring the sunshine with you Aries, your energy is buzzing with optimism for the future and can lift everyone’s spirit. The summer months herald a time of rejuvenation and renewal in your life giving you the power to transform and create what you wish, so you can follow your dreams. Unexpected meetings, new friends, and also new career opportunities will be happening all around you, and to you, so don’t be surprised if you find your totally amazing self, in popular demand. Stand up for what you believe in and have your voice heard, self promotion and investment into yourself pays big dividends. Endeavor to expand your creative world, it can propel you into seeking more education and knowledge within your chosen field, ensuring a position of authority and leadership that helps you make fantastic progress, It’s your time to shine. You’ve got this. Love comes and sweeps away any uncertainty, opening your heart and bringing happiness in ways you never expected. There is an old saying “love begets love” and in your case this is very true. Jupiter is in Pisces and will help you heal any past hurts or make it easier to let things go. The good fortune attributed to Jupiter and dreamy Pisces, gives you a love that just keeps giving, a really special person. Lucky you.
Lucky Colour – Red
Lucky Crystal – Faceted Ruby

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