November lets you know you are blessed by the angels, being a light for others and showing them a brighter day comes naturally for you Scorpio. Good karma comes back to you and lets you know you are getting it right. Happy Birthday, this month will be a turning point and you can re-evaluate your life in a practical manner and set out on a new chapter, promising fulfilment and success in your life. Your love life will come into focus and you reach a crossroads, you can choose the right path by staying true to yourself and following your heart, your favourite people will celebrate with you and share in your new found happiness. Finances can be steady and so no need to rock the boat now, there is something to be said about keeping everything practical and in a routine when it comes to your financial security. Wear gold for luck and a yellow topaz crystal will bring happiness.
Lucky Colour – Gold
Lucky Crystal – Yellow Topaz

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