♌️ Leo
The fast-paced Leo is on the move this summer so others will have a hard job keeping up with you. New doors open and all the universe is asking of you, is to be ready and embrace your destiny and take the opportunities that present themselves to you. This is a time of hope, joy and celebration and the right time to spread your wings and fly. The Sun is your ruling planet and bestows you with the power to improve and grow, one way or another you will become more successful, as you are capable of much responsibility. You may find yourself taking on bigger and better projects, as well as helping a lot of people along the way, for those of you that love animals and children you could be involved in good causes that can create an impact in the wider community and by using your organizational skills, you can pull off even the most complicated task. A welcome break is in the offing, so don’t forget to plan as it is good for you to take time out and relax, the combination of the sea and the sun really energizes your soul so try to go for this type of break. When it comes to love, It seems that love’s young dream is going to be making an appearance, so hold on to your ideals as your perfect match can share the same philosophies and way of life, you may find a lot in common as if you’ve known each other before. The summer is all about commitments whether in love or work, but there is one thing for sure, it’s a new dawn for you, and a new day that heralds a fresh outlook on life and love, bringing much satisfaction and fulfilment.
Lucky Colour – Gold
Lucky Crystal – Golden Healer Quartz

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