Unlock your future, a fruitful time is ahead and you can be anything you want to be, coming out of your comfort zone brings good luck and good opportunities that increase your prosperity and influence. Being the royalty of the zodiac Leo, is not as easy as it looks, great responsibility comes with the job and your example to others is widely appreciated when you share your light and creativity. As with all royal lions and lionesses, ruling the roost is important to you too and can be very effective when it comes to having a comfortable home life, you are loyal and generous with those you love and will always protect them. Brilliant minds can always make things happen and when the entrepreneur in you is inspired to do something, it is good to associate with them to accomplish your goals, after all like attracts like!. Being in love is the most wonderful thing, so don’t shy away when love is knocking on your door, answer the call from deep within you that longs for that special someone to build a life with. Wear green for stimulating the heart chakra and good luck, and an amethyst crystal for an improvement in your love life.
Lucky Colour – Green
Lucky Crystal – Amethyst

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