Becoming a social butterfly suits you Pisces, this is a great time for your extrovert self to emerge and show others what you can do, change may well be on your mind and any planning for a trip will bring new horizons and kick start unexpected surprises for your future. Being inspired is the name of the game now, you have a dreamy mind, and heart, with a good understanding of the world, and how it works, you can’t go wrong. Any projects you are working on will succeed and you can plan your next moves confidently, when you believe in yourself it makes a very big difference. Give as good as you get, be kind, and as sure as the sun will shine you will achieve your goals. Love will be on your mind a lot, using your intuition to navigate the narrative brings about a happy, secure future, and is highly recommended!. When you let the voice of your intuition be heard and you act on it, this results in your heart being able to sing its way into a happy ever after. Wear green for luck and an emerald crystal for heavenly love.
Lucky Colour – Green
Lucky Crystal – Emerald

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