Emotional empowerment is what March is all about for you Pisces, open your mind to the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead and with a happy heart you can share all your dreams with the ones you love. It’s amazing how things can fall into place when you seize the right moment you can turn everything around to your advantage. Life is a journey and we travel its long road full of twists and turns, but your destination is important, and as you are the captain of your destiny you have full control now, set your intentions and don’t look back, no matter what you choose, be wise in making final decisions that will benefit you, and the rest will follow. In love let your dreamy side take over and make the most of the romantic times ahead, you are very admired and will see through the eyes of another just how beautiful and loved you really are. Wear teal for luck and get an opal crystal for love and passion, loyalty and faithfulness.
Lucky Colour – Teal
Lucky Crystal – Opal

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