Moving home may well be on your mind Gemini, a little bit of luck can turn things around for you and put you right where you want to be, security is important and will be a top priority this month. Work goes well, so keep going and you will reach your targets. Updating your daily routine can benefit your inner life, making more time for yourself brings about a change for the better and improves the quality of your experiences, a little magic appears in all that you do. You can thank your lucky stars that fortune favours the brave, giving your heart to another is no easy feat, but with courage you can take that step and say how you feel, expressing yourself, and going into it with your eyes wide open will bring about a profound change in your love life. Being totally in love is just what the doctor ordered, so you should not shy away from the coincidental circumstances that are trying to help you capture your heart’s desire. Wear yellow for luck and a agate crystal will keep you grounded.
Lucky Colour – Yellow
Lucky Crystal – Agate

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