Pre-Paid Readings

To pay by credit or debit card, please follow the instructions below…

  1. Create an Account and buy bundles of minutes, so you can access and spend your purchased minutes.
  2. Call our phone number for Pre-Paid Readings on O1223818000, so you can speak to one of our talented readers.

Creating an Account As A New Customer:

Creating an Account helps you access your favourite readers easily, top up your account and redeem exclusive offers. It only takes a few minutes.

  1. Press the gold button labelled ‘Create Account’, and you will be taken to our How to Pay page. Situated at the top right of the website. (This is a Credit/Debit Card payment platform to buy pre-pay minutes.)
  2. You will be given a Username and a PIN. (Please keep your PIN and Username in a safe place. You will need them every time you call to speak to a Reader – Also to Login and top up your Pre-Paid Minutes by Debit/Credit Card on the website.)
  3. Choose the number of minutes you would like to buy. Add Credits of 20mins/40mins/60mins/120 mins (Pre-Paid Bundles)
  4. Fill in your card details and complete your transaction.
  5. CALL our Pre Paid Readings line 01223818000 to get through to a reader. (Please make sure you have completed steps 1-4 successfully before you call.)
  6. When prompted, Existing Customer press (Option 1) and Input your PIN and Username.
  7. You can input your chosen readers PIN Number when prompted, otherwise the next available reader will take your call.

Please note – you are referred to as ‘An Existing Customer’ once you have created an Account

Creating an account allows you to pay by Debit/Credit card, top up your account with minutes and see how many minutes you have left.

Please note once you have purchased your minutes through your account you always have to call the Pay by Pre-Paid Readings number and input your ID and Pin to redeem your purchased mins.


Login for Existing Customer

You can always access your account by logging in as an ‘An Existing Customer’ on the page  ‘Login’, accessible from the header ‘How To Pay’.

1. How to Pay Page
2. Login (drop-down from How To Pay)
2. An Existing Customer
3. Input your Username (User ID) and PIN Number, AND LOGIN
4. Top up your pre pay minutes or check how many minutes you have remaining.
5. Call our Pre-Paid Readings number 01223818000
6. Press (Option 1) input your Username and PIN
7. Select the option of a chosen reader and input their PIN or the next available reader/operator
Please Note – You are referred to as ‘An Existing Customer’ once you have created an Account. Creating an account allows you to pay by Debit/Credit card, top up your account minutes and see how many minutes you have remaining.
Forgotten Details 
1. Press Create Account (Gold Button)
2. Existing Customer
3. Press on Forgotten User Details  (Located at the bottom in blue)
4. Existing Customer Lookup
5. Input your mobile number into this panel to retrieve your forgotten details.












Pre-Pay Minutes

Your pre-paid minutes stay on your account until you spend them on a reading by calling our ‘Pre-Paid Readings’ number 01223818000.


Redeem Offers

Hope Psychic may run offers, which require the user to create an account. This is the only way offers can be redeemed.

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