Pay By Phone Bill

Details of your call length and payment will appear on your telephone bill with as the company card reference.


For support queries please call: 0330 103 9999.




Pay by Card

To pay by credit or debit card, please call our Pay by Card Number: 01223818000. 

All major credit cards are accepted.


All calls are £1.55 per min plus your phone network charge.

All calls are recorded; the caller must be 18 or over and have the bill payer’s permission.

Readings under UK law are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only.


Once you have dialled the Pay by Card number: 

Follow the voice prompt to input your details. Please have the card you are paying with ready, you must speak clearly to input your details when prompted to do so. If you know the PIN Number of your preferred reader please have it ready before you call.


Once the payment method has been confirmed, you will then hear a series of voice prompts and you can choose your options including:


If you wish to be connected to the Next Available Operator, Press 1


If you wish to enter the PIN of your Preferred Operator, Press 2




Text to Chat

Texts cost £1.50 per message + your phone company’s network charge. Users must be 16+ and have the bill payer’s permission.

For entertainment purposes only. Helpline: 0330 103 9999.



The system will automatically send out an age verification message to all customers, you have to be 16+ and the system will always ask you, the user, to respond with your age.


  1. Text ‘HOPE’ to 88833
  2. You will then receive a message back stating: “Before we chat, I need to ask your age?”
  3. Text ‘HOPE’ + your age to 88833
  4. You can then send your question to the reader, and the reader will respond with up to a maximum of 3 messages at £1.50 per message.


When 3 messages have been sent in response, if you require more texts, then you, the customer, will need to start the process again: Text ‘HOPE’ to 88833 for a further 3 messages at £1.50 per message.












Creating an Account As A New Customer:


Creating an Account helps you access your favourite readers easily, top up your account and redeem exclusive offers. It only takes a few minutes.


Create an Account by going to the page  ‘Pay by Card’. 

Here you will find the section ‘Create an Account’, so you can open an account and purchase one of our 20 minute – 120 minute bundles by Credit or Debit Card on the website.


You are given a Username and PIN Number. Please keep these safe as they are your login details when you return and also when you phone the ‘Pay by Card’ number 01223818000 to redeem your purchased minutes and be put through to a reader,  or see how many prepaid minutes you have left on your account.

Remember, Once purchased you can access your minutes through calling our Pay by Card telephone number 01223818000 and follow the prompt.

Please note once you have purchased your minutes through your account you always have to call the Pay by Card number and input your ID and Pin to redeem your purchased mins.



Login for Existing Customer

You can always access your account by logging in as an ‘An Existing Customer’ on the page  ‘Pay by Card’. 

Enter your Username and PIN Number so you can see how many minutes you have left to use, from previous calls – these are classed as pre-paid mins or you can top up your account and add more mins by purchasing 20 minutes – 120 minutes bundles, with Credit or Debit Card.


The maximum length a call can last is 120 mins.

All calls are £1.55 per min plus your phone’s network charge.

All callers must be 18 yrs +












Pre-Pay Minutes

Your pre-paid minutes stay on your account until you spend them on a reading by calling our ‘Pay by Card’ number 01223818000.


Redeem Offers

Hope Psychic may run offers, which require the user to create an account. This is the only way offers can be redeemed. 

Please create an account on our ‘Pay by Card’ page and once your mins are purchased call our Pay by Card number 01223818000 to be put through to a reader.