Earthy, and very funny, are two elements that go with Capricorn, your practical side is also very spiritual, choosing to live in a way that can only improve life for you and those around you. Life is what you make it and this month is assisting you to make it, literally, you are smarter than you think and certainly can boost your potential in all that you do. Make a plan and stick to it, work will go well and so you can enjoy the down time. Loving feelings are at work, all around you, May will rejuvenate your love life and gives you the chance to realise who, and what’s really important to you. By connecting with your highest good and choosing the right person that is compatible with you guarantees it. Soul mate alert!. Wear silver for intuitive gifts and get a smoky quartz crystal as it disperses fear
and promotes emotional calmness.
Lucky Colour – Silver
Lucky Crystal  – Smoky Quartz

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