Wear your crown well Sagittarius, a natural leader your responsibility is great but you can rest assured, with a fierce queen like you ruling the roost everyone benefits, you are such an inspiration. Matters of the heart will be on your mind and it’s a great time to be dating if you are single. If I’m a relationship  wedding bells are ringing so make sure you broaden your horizons and push the boat out and  when it comes to having a glitzy wedding, you have expensive taste so keep an eye on your budget!. Lifestyle changes can enhance everything you do as a celestial boost is encouraging you to see where improvements can be made, and now is the right time to set the new routines in place so you have the best outcome later on. Wear gold for supreme luck and a fools gold crystal will bring you more abundance into your life.
Lucky Colour – Gold
Lucky Crystal – Fools Gold

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