The gifts of your chosen psychic will be outlined in their profile

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We have an array of talented readers on offer.


Hope Psychics blend a number of their gifts and talents during a reading, so look at the skills of the readers and choose for yourself which you prefer. Once you have selected your chosen reader please remember to take a note of their PIN number for future reference and follow the instructions to connect with this reader. Asking a direct question is especially helpful for specific situations, the more direct the question you ask the more direct the answer will be.

Celebrity Psychic Panel

If you select a reader using the combination of Tarot and Astrology, the information and inspiration revealed by these powerful tools will allow the psychic reader to bring the most enlightening answers to your questions. A combination like this is part Mediumship (channeling), part Clairvoyance (clear seeing) and sometimes Clairaudience (clear hearing).


If you want to engage with the spirit world and receive messages from your spirit guides or loved ones then Mediumship is the speciality of the reader you can select. Our special Mediums with the help of their guides will relay the knowledge that they receive about you and your loved ones. The kind and compassionate messages channelled through one of our Hope Psychics can help with healing and closure, making a reading like this so worthwhile.