You know Virgo, you could manage ten kids, run a home and a business, all at the same time quite easily, there is a lucky turn of events this autumn as you are noticed for your ingenious way of living life and would easily succeed with a career in the lifestyle and wellness industry. Having stability in this ever changing world, loving life and being abundant as you go, perfect!. That being said you have a foundation now that can take you to the next level, seizing opportunities for growth as they appear will improve your future and make your path a continuously fruitful one. In love you have a bond that can’t be broken, you’re pure of heart and love with your true higher self wholeheartedly, the goddess of love Venus, could have blessed you herself!, tuning in to this divine source can help you have your love life just the way you want it. Wear orange for luck and a fresh outlook and a diamond crystal will help cement your love.
Lucky Colour – Orange
Lucky Crystal – Diamond

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