♉️ Taurus
The summertime asks for you to try the new and untried Taurus, your influence is impressive and expanding due to Jupiter acting as your best friend, bringing blessings within your professional world, also combine that with a solar eclipse in Gemini in the month of June affecting your financial affairs in a very positive way, kickstarting new routines and plans surpassing even your own expectations. Lady Luck could have a lot to do with it as fate is certainly wanting you to succeed, Mercury rules Gemini and has the ‘gift of the gab’ helping you say the right thing at the right time, some might say it’s good luck, some might say coincidence, but it is definitely a good time to put yourself forward and bask in the limelight. Love brings you all sorts of exciting experiences, attracting the kind of partner who can show you the world, you could be best friends as well, certainly this is someone who can share your life with you. If you are dreaming of holidays in the sun, your wish will come true as you set your sights high for the ultimate blissful environment, watching the sunset and meditating on how good life can be. You have come a long way and it’s only when you take a good look at it all, that you realize you have chosen the right path, surrounded by all the people and things that you love and bring you happiness, collectively moving into a happy, secure future together.
Lucky Colour  Blue
Lucky Crystal Angelite

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